Hyperfiddle On-prem setup

Big picture
  • Hyperfiddle is a jar file
  • Databases are configured through hyperfiddle.edn
  • Fiddles are stored in their own database, you'll need to create it and install the schema
  • Run the server by command line


  1. Mac or Linux
  2. hyperfiddle-cli.tgz artifact from Dustin


  1. Ensure Datomic Pro is known to local Maven, per instructions at https://my.datomic.com/
  2. Unzip hyperfiddle-cli.tgz
  3. $ clj -m hyperfiddle.cli prints the command line helptext


$ clj -m hyperfiddle.cli server -c hyperfiddle.example.edn
If this works your classpath is setup correctly. This runs Hyperfiddle against in-memory databases (a sort of demo mode).

Play with demo

Run through the Hello World tutorial at this point (against these throwaway in-memory databases)

Configure your app databases

  1. Run the Datomic transactor however you usually do
  2. Create hyperfiddle.edn by copying hyperfiddle.example.edn
  3. Edit hyperfiddle.edn and configure your app databases by uri

Create a database $hyperfiddle for persisting your fiddles

Provision $hyperfiddle with schema (this transacts to the database)

Edit hyperfiddle.edn and set the hyperfiddle database.

Run server

There might be warnings and lots of logs.
$ clj -m hyperfiddle.cli server hyperfiddle.edn

hyperfiddle.edn example

This config has two database URIs. $ is your app database, $hyperfiddle is where Hyperfiddle persists your fiddles. You can declare additional app databases by name here.