Getting Started

  • Some examples below
  • Read the quick overview
  • Do the tutorial (updated April 18 2019)
  • Glance through the concepts
  • Come say hi in the slack!



#hyperfiddle on Clojurians slack is the best place for support, @ me: @dustingetz

Get Hyperfiddle

Managed: You already have it. Go to and start making fiddles.
On-prem: contact us and we will provide you a link to download the jar.
Hyperfiddle Server is open source. The server includes everything you need to self-host your fiddles. The fiddle IDE is not included and requires a license for on-prem use.
Running Hyperfiddle Server from source is not yet documented or supported. We will roll this out as it matures. Read more about hyperfiddle.jar here.

Known issues

Last updated: Apr 18 2019
  • April: Rendering performance of deep tables is bad. Try to work with small resultsets (one screen) until this is fixed.
  • April: :hf/iframe visual indicators incorrectly repeat in tables
  • Jan: Laggy editor. ETA on fix is February. Please bear with us as we scale.
  • Jan: :hf/new can generate bad transaction
  1. Getting Started
  2. Quick Overview
  3. Quick Start
  4. Tutorial
    1. Simple blog
    2. Seattle
  5. Concepts
    1. Query browser
    2. Datomic stage
    4. Links
    5. Transactions
    6. Context
  6. Guides
    1. Transactions
    2. Dependent queries
    3. Iframes
    4. Select options
    5. hyperfiddle.ui
    6. Markdown
    7. Migrations
  7. Reference
    1. Data model
    2. Link editor
    3. hyperfiddle.ui
    4. hypercrud.browser.context
    5. clojure.spec integration
  8. Triage
    1. hyperfiddle.jar
    2. I/O Runtime