Data model

This is the Hyperfiddle ontology, in its entirety, reflected from schema.


:fiddle/cljs-nsstringoneClojureScript `user` namespace, available in :fiddle/renderer.
:fiddle/cssstringoneFiddle CSS. Warning: CSS is not scoped, please write targetted CSS
:fiddle/hydrate-result-as-fiddlebooleanoneExperimental. When set, data-sync will interpret this fiddle's result as a fiddle - like a higher order fiddle - this is a recursion mechanic.
:fiddle/identkeywordoneidentityFiddle identifier used in URLs. Warning: changing this breaks fiddle URLs.
:fiddle/linksrefmanyLinks to other fiddles that are available from this fiddle
:fiddle/markdownstringoneMarkdown expression for fiddle view, optional
:fiddle/pullstringoneDatomic pull expression for the entity addressed by the URL
:fiddle/pull-databasestringoneArgument to `datomic.api/pull`, defaults to $
:fiddle/querystringoneDatomic query datalog. Warning: no support yet for rules, d/history, d/log or other datomic API access.
:fiddle/rendererstringoneReagent expression for the fiddle view
:fiddle/typekeywordoneWhich Datomic query API
:fiddle/uuiduuidoneidentityFor naming anonymous fiddles


:link/classkeywordmanysemantic selector, like html css classes
:link/fiddlerefonelink target
:link/pathstringonetodo rename; specifies the attribute for which this link is valid
:link/tx-fnstringonenames a hyperfiddle.api/tx-fn multimethod which builds a transaction


:hyperfiddle/ownersuuidmanyEntity owners uuids, used by ACLs
  1. Getting Started
  2. Overview
  3. Tutorial
    1. Simple blog
    2. Seattle
  4. Concepts
    1. Design
    2. Technology Vision
    3. Data model
    4. Semantics
    5. Staging area
    6. I/O Runtime
    7. Transactions
    8. Foreign integrations
    9. ctx
  5. Guides
    1. Links
    2. Transactions
    3. Dependent queries
    4. Iframes
    5. Select options
    6. Semantic admin console
    7. hyperfiddle.ui
    8. Markdown
    9. CSS
    10. Users and permissions
    11. Migrations
    12. Bulk import
  6. Triage
    1. Architecture braindump
    2. Technical braindumps
    3. hyperfiddle.jar