Data model

This is the Hyperfiddle ontology, in its entirety, reflected from schema. View this page as a fiddle


:fiddle/cljs-nsstringoneClojureScript `user` namespace, available in :fiddle/renderer.
:fiddle/cssstringoneFiddle CSS. Warning: CSS is not scoped, please write targetted CSS
:fiddle/hydrate-result-as-fiddlebooleanoneExperimental. When set, data-sync will interpret this fiddle's result as a fiddle - like a higher order fiddle - this is a recursion mechanic.
:fiddle/identkeywordoneidentityFiddle identifier used in URLs. Warning: changing this breaks fiddle URLs.
:fiddle/linksrefmanyLinks to other fiddles that are available from this fiddle
:fiddle/markdownstringoneMarkdown expression for fiddle view, optional
:fiddle/pullstringoneDatomic pull expression for the entity addressed by the URL
:fiddle/pull-databasestringoneArgument to `datomic.api/pull`, defaults to $
:fiddle/querystringoneDatomic query datalog. Warning: no support yet for rules, d/history, d/log or other datomic API access.
:fiddle/rendererstringoneReagent expression for the fiddle view
:fiddle/typekeywordoneWhich Datomic query API
:fiddle/uuiduuidoneidentityFor naming anonymous fiddles


:link/classkeywordmanysemantic selector, like html css classes
:link/fiddlerefonelink target
:link/pathstringonetodo rename; specifies the attribute for which this link is valid
:link/tx-fnstringonenames a hyperfiddle.api/tx-fn multimethod which builds a transaction


:hyperfiddle/ownersuuidmanyEntity owners uuids, used by ACLs