Database transactions

Warning, this page is under development
Build Datomic transactions with small CLJC expressions attached to buttons.
Todo write this. Real apps have business state transactions like those traditionally done in the backend service layer. Your hyperfiddles are real software and the fiddle graph can express this. Since there is no frontend/backend dichotemy, the fiddle graph can evaluate on any platform; the I/O runtime will ensure that secure system transactions execute in a secure environment like the JVM or node and not the browser.
  1. Getting Started
  2. Overview
  3. Tutorial
    1. Simple blog
    2. Seattle
  4. Concepts
    1. Design
    2. Technology Vision
    3. Data model
    4. Semantics
    5. Staging area
    6. I/O Runtime
    7. Transactions
    8. Foreign integrations
    9. ctx
  5. Guides
    1. Links
    2. Transactions
    3. Dependent queries
    4. Iframes
    5. Select options
    6. Semantic admin console
    7. hyperfiddle.ui
    8. Markdown
    9. CSS
    10. Users and permissions
    11. Migrations
    12. Bulk import
  6. Triage
    1. Architecture braindump
    2. Technical braindumps
    3. hyperfiddle.jar