Getting Started

  • Some examples below
  • Read the quick overview
  • Do the tutorial (updated April 18 2019)
  • Glance through the concepts
  • Come say hi in the slack!

Public Demos


#hyperfiddle on Clojurians slack is the best place for support, @ me: @dustingetz

Get Hyperfiddle On-site

Sign up for the waitlist or contact @dustingetz on Clojurians slack.

Known issues

Last updated: Jul 2 2019
  • June: Overuse of :db/isComponent can cause huge forms to render
  • June: Large queries cause severe hangs; server-side filtering is coming!
  • April: :hf/iframe visual indicators incorrectly repeat in tables
  • April: Rendering performance of deep tables is bad. Worked around with table pagination
  • Jan: Laggy editor. ETA on fix is February. Please bear with us as we scale.
  • Jan: :hf/new can generate bad transaction