Hyperfiddle on-site edition is now available for early access 5/20/2019

Today we announce the ability to run Hyperfiddle as a jar file so you can use it at work, against your at-work Datomic databases. We support both Datomic On-prem and Datomic Cloud.
Hyperfiddle is a developer tool for making lightweight UIs, instantly as you type, without needing to be a web developer. You might think of this as a sort of Google Doc that queries Datomic. Today, it’s amazing at getting back-of-house UIs done in minutes, so you can get back to work on things that matter.

Early Access

All the core functionality is present. Pilot customers are running it inside their environments and getting good value. Expect some rough edges, but the core model is solid. Hyperfiddle is under active development.


Pricing is available at our website: http://www.hyperfiddle.net

Open Source?

As Clojure fanatics, we believe in open source. The core abstractions powering Hyperfiddle are still evolving as we learn. We will open them once they stop moving.

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Dustin & Karl