About Hyperfiddle

Hyperfiddle is a "Future of Coding" startup currently based in Philadelphia. Hyperfiddle basically takes the Clojure/Datomic information model and extends it through to user interfaces. This is a robust and principled foundation for constructing applications of the 2020s.
While the technology is interesting, we think the more interesting challenge is forming a strategy to get adoption at scale (a smooth path from 0 to 1 to 100 to 100k) and also figuring out the right economic model to fund it.

Why Clojure

Clojure, beyond satisfying the criteria of “smooth adoption path”, has several deeply interesting properties. One is that the cost to port Clojure to a new platform is within reach of a single person. That's why Clojure has already reached many platforms, and why Clojure code can simultaneously target JVM, Browsers, Nodejs, and Datomic stored procedures. The implications are profound –
Clojure solves data silos.
Hyperfiddle is the next step of a larger strategy to break down data silos, both inside your organization, and in the future world wide web of data.

Clojure/Datomic Information Model