Hello World

We're going to make a little personal homepage and blog. It will be a static markdown site, but backed by Datomic instead of git. This will take about 10 minutes.


  • Get a Hyperfiddle domain
Right now that means you need to ask Dustin for one (in slack). Go do that now.
Okay, now you've got a Hyperfiddle domain that you can make your own fiddles in.

Make a new fiddle

  • Choose a keyword ident to name your new fiddle, like :blog/index
  • Choose 'blank'
  • Stage
It will redirect to your new fiddle (observe the URL has your fiddle ident)

Open src mode (new tab) and add some markdown

More coming soon

Next steps:
  • Make another fiddle
  • Link to it from markdown (just a regular HTML markdown link)
  • make a few more blog posts and manually manage the index with markdown links
  • Now you have a static site. Change .net to .com to see your app server rendered without the dev tools. There's a builtin CDN.
  • Can you figure out how to query your own fiddles to generate an index automatically? (Fiddles are stored in your database and all fiddles have a :fiddle/ident)
  • Add tags: Model a new attribute, :hyperblog/tag, a :keyword :many. Get this attribute onto your fiddle entities.
  • Write a query for fiddles tagged :clojure
  • Query the set of all tags on your blog index page and make each record link to a query for that tag
  • Now you have a really awesome blog!