Hyperfiddle (beta)

a Datomic IDE, extensible with Clojure

Hyperfiddle is a visual Datomic insta-REPL. It connects directly to any Datomic database and is programmable in Clojure.

Made for Clojure programmers.

brew install hyperfiddle                          # coming soon
[com.hyperfiddle/hyperfiddle "0.0.0"]             ; coming soon

Datomic Insta-REPL

Hyperfiddle is like Datomic Console or PgAdmin. You run it from the command line (hyperfiddle datomic:free://localhost:4334/my-db) and use it to query and explore your Datomic databases.

Insta-REPL remembers your favorite queries

Enhance your saved queries over time

Hyperfiddle remembers your favorite queries, and you'll want to make them better. For example, configure select options for an attribute:

Select options are just another query

Make scrappy CRUD apps

Hyperfiddle's core is a simple meta-model of CRUD apps.

  • Fiddles have a query
  • Fiddles have links to other fiddles

A fiddle has a query and links.

Three types of link:

  • Anchors navigate to some other fiddle
  • Iframes embed one fiddle inside another
  • Buttons do transactions

Select options are iframes with style.

That's the whole model. Hyperfiddle doesn't break the web—links work, refresh works, back button works.

Progressive enhancement with Clojure

  • React.js (Reagent) expression can be attached to anything.
  • Query parameters are filled with a Clojure one-liner
  • Buttons get a Clojure expression to build up a database transaction

Enhance your query with Reagent markup. Checkboxes stage transactions. Like git, transactions are not committed until you transact them. Undo/redo in the database!

Github: https://github.com/hyperfiddle/hyperfiddle

We hope Hyperfiddle will eventually be usable by non-programmers. (Another way to say this is, Hyperfiddle intends to make programming accessible to more people.) But a graceful path to "real" software, no strings attached, is critical.

Open source, optional cloud platform

Run your own Hyperfiddle Server, integrate it with your existing projects like any open source library...

...or use our cloud infrastructure:

  • Massively parallelizable, serverless, elastic, etc
  • Sophisticated optimizations: preloading, prediction, optimistic push
  • Integrated CDN (serve APIs like static sites)
  • Built-in server side rendering, works with javascript disabled
  • Builtin integrations (e.g. auth, analytics)

Call for Beta Testers

We are looking for ten Clojure programmers to give us feedback on Hyperfiddle's user experience. Beta starts in 2018 Q1. If you want to participate, come hang out in #hyperfiddle on Clojurians slack!

First ten people to ping me on Slack get a free Hyperblog (made with Hyperfiddle), which is a markdown static site backed by Datomic, the same software that runs http://www.dustingetz.com. (Go there now and press backtick!)