Hyperfiddle is a rapid application development tool for Datomic that helps your team build lightweight UIs, faster.

Datomic is used in mission-critical enterprise systems, and Hyperfiddle can be just a component of those systems.

1. Write queries

It's like Google Docs for your core company database. Make a new page, start typing your query, and get the result immediately.

2. Connect queries with links

Hyperfiddle is about hyperlinks, like the world wide web but for data.

3. Customize the view (optional)

Use ClojureScript to tweak the result display with custom code, but only when you need to.


Not just for developers: database-savvy business people can use Hyperfiddle to solve their own problems, without waiting on engineering.




  • Managed / SAAS
  • Single-user
  • Shared public database
  • 2k datom limit
  • Dev mode only
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$99 /mo

+ cloud capacity†
  • On-prem or managed
  • Single-user
  • Connect to any db
  • Custom domain
  • User mode


starts at

$995 /mo

billed annually
  • On-prem
  • 5 creators
  • Connect to any db
  • User mode
  • Invoice billing
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Make lightweight UIs like these, as fast as you can think in Datomic.

Building back-of-house UIs should not take weeks or months. Get them done today and then get back to work on your business.