Low-code databases, developer-grade

Hyperfiddle lets you make lightweight database applications out of just database queries.

Type query, get app

Database-driven UI development, no coding needed
On the left is your database app. On the right is the database query editor. As you type your query, your app reconfigures itself in response. That's it: your working app is live.

Developer-grade software is within your reach

Most apps are 80% forms & tables, so Hyperfiddle is 80% of what you need to make an app.
For the remaining 20%, we have a developer-first approach. This MVP administers an invoice database and contains React.js components and a javascript QR code module from github.

Move faster, test in real-time

Use trial and error safely, to learn and explore
Check your work before you transact with Hyperfiddle's git-like staging area.

No more spaghetti code

Built for makers.
Just you + your data, so you can work on what matters.

Do it well, and do it right

Built for developers.

Backed by Datomic, an ultra-modern graph database

Simple, transactional, flexible, powerful.

Free and open source

Hyperfiddle is under active development, so you can't yet run from source, however we consider open source critical so that low-code can become real.
We offer premium addons, such as

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