Make web apps backed by Datomic in real-time

1. Write queries

Hyperfiddle must expose full Datomic query capabilities, in order to make sure you can build anything.

2. Model forms

From your Datomic query and schema, Hyperfiddle automatically generates working forms and tables.

3. Connect them together with links

Hyperlinks let you weave individual fiddles into larger hyperfiddles.

4. Customize the UI

Use Markdown to layout your views fast. We were shocked how often markdown is enough, but when its not, use React.js from ClojureScript.

5. Loop and grow your app

(57 seconds) Here we build a dashboard around the Datomic tutorial dataset. The video is sped up 10x so you can see the process end-to-end which took ten minutes.

Hyperfiddle is a platform for real-time web development. is a managed cloud platform with reasonable defaults for everything a simple app needs.

  • users and auth
  • integrations
  • basic security
  • server side rendering

No: git, command lines, text files, deployment, hosting, or waiting.

Hyperfiddle Server is a jar file. Runs standalone, or as a Pedestal service in your application.

  • Admin dashboards
  • Internal tools
  • Reports
  • Gist for Datomic

Total control over entrypoint and interceptors, and back your fiddles by Clojure functions.

Make this app in a week.

This is a cryptocurrency invoicing app for merchants. It has user accounts and onboarding flows, user dashboards and user flows, the right hooks for foreign service integrations e.g. blockchain sync and bank account verification, and of course internal tools.