Hyperfiddle (beta)

Markdown + ClojureScript + Datomic

Make scrappy prototypes fast (really fast)

Add a little markdown here, a little ClojureScript there, or maybe a lot, that depends what you need!
We are happy to build your prototype for you, see http://www.hyperfiddle-consulting.com/

Serious framework for Clojure programmers

More info about that on github: https://github.com/hyperfiddle/hyperfiddle
TODO put a nice picture of some clojure code here.

Documentation and Demos

Early Access / Private Beta

I will set you up with your own yourname.hyperfiddle.net subdomain and a database to mess around in. Email me your use case: dustin.getz@hyperfiddle.net
Hyperfiddle is free and open source on github, to be used in your applications like any other open source project.
In addition to the free and open source project, we have two paid offerings:
  • Cloud infrastructure – contact us for pricing
  • Shrinkwrapped app for local use – contact us for a trial