a RAD modeling language
for full-stack web applications

HFQL is powered by Photon: a streaming, multi-tier programming language specialized for full-stack web UI, implemented as a Clojure/Script macro. Unlike existing web technologies like React/Relay/GraphQL that treat frontend and backend separately, Photon reunites frontend & backend into a single coherent reactive expression. Imagine React.js but full stack: incremental view maintenance all the way from database views to DOM views, as one streaming computation.

Photon solves frontend/backend data fetching the way the JVM solves memory management: by building it into the programming language. Managed network means your frontend can call remote backend functions arbitrarily, as if they are local.

Never think about frontend/backend web plumbing ever again.

State of art "distributed dataflow" language for server-streamed user interfaces

"I think you're the first ever to really break through the cruft in the web space and propose a real solution to the vaguely-defined, vaguely-mathematical question underpinning millions of hours of wasted JavaScript programming."

"This is a great piece by @dustingetz. Frontend/backend abstraction is outdated. We need to design higher level abstractions for building web applications of the future."

"There’s been nothing conceptually new for years but here you’ve got a system here that is truly revolutionary."

We exist to make an extraordinary tool for UI development that brings the next generation of applications within reach.

Dustin Getz, CEO. Independent software researcher interested in the computational structure of user interfaces.

Léo Noel, technical fellow. Creator of Missionary, a functional effect and streaming system for Clojure/Script.

Geoffrey Gaillard, founding engineer. Product and user experience expert specializing in high-performance UI.

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