You don't need a web framework, you need a web language

Modern web applications face severe data sync challenges that cause lag and glitches in user experience, as well as compounding complexity that slows development. To solve these challenges once and for all, we built Electric Clojure, a unified frontend/backend web DSL that us a compiler to automatically manage and optimize the frontend/backend boundary.

Hyperfiddle composes seamlessly with Electric. That means, as your app grows, you can weave in powerful Electric code expressions that query your backend directly, without needing to deal with low-level frontend/backend network plumbing. All so you can move faster and focus on what matters: coding your application logic.

"I think you're the first ever to really break through the cruft in the web space and propose a real solution to the vaguely-defined, vaguely-mathematical question underpinning millions of hours of wasted JavaScript programming."

"The beautiful thing about this is that you've taken the abstract thing in the developers head, that is normally spread across multiple places in the code, and managed to move it into a single function. Bravo!" — Chris, Australia

"I've been building with electric for several months now and it's hands down incredible! IMO this is a paradigm shift similar to garbage collection. No one wants to manage their memory. No one wants to manage the network. It's grunt work. Let the compiler take care of it." — Dennis, NYC

We exist to let you program your business without drowning in complexity.

Dustin Getz, founder.
Independent software researcher interested in the computational structure of user interfaces.

Léo Noel, technical fellow.
Creator of Missionary, a functional effect and streaming system for Clojure/Script.

Geoffrey Gaillard, founding engineer. Frontend user experience expert specializing in high-performance UI.